Product & Solutions

Full-service niche recruiting solutions

If you want more of a hands-on hiring partner, put our years of experience to work. You’ll be assigned a dedicated point person who’ll design a plan that’s right for you, from sourcing to staffing, and our Talent Fusion team will do the legwork to match you with qualified candidates.

Software and data solutions

The key to finding the right fit in a competitive talent market is using the right data and technology to hone in on the right candidates. We’ll streamline the hiring process and save you time with our customized sourcing, tracking and management technology.

Solutions for niche recruiting needs

There are some roles that are harder to fill, and some recruitment goals that need more TLC.  We get that, so we’ve created targeted solutions to help you identify, engage and hire these hard-to-fill roles.

Solutions for customer segments

We know that a small business doesn’t hire like a Fortune 100 Enterprise-level company and staffing firms operate differently than government agencies.  That’s why we have distinct solutions for your organization’s needs.